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couryhospitalityWe are a group of forward-thinkers driven to create beautiful places and inspire unforgettable experiences. Our approach is very hands-on and creative, and our goal is to lay the foundation to usher you into an innovative realm of possibilities. Whether you are renovating an existing hotel, considering the purchase of a hotel, or exploring the viability of retrofitting a building for hospitality purposes, we are here to make your visions reality.
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Hotel Development

Harvest Hall to open in 2020

Harvest Hall is an expansive food and entertainment venue coming to downtown Grapevine right at Main Street and Dallas Road. Located directly in front of the new TexRail line, Harvest Hall will open in the summer of 2020 and feature diverse cuisine from around the world, an extensive wine, craft beer, and spirits menu, as well as curated cultural activities such as live music, theater, children's programs and much more throughout the year.