Groups360’s cloud-based technology solutions make booking group business simple for suppliers and planners.

GroupSync Supplier Solutions help hoteliers boost their bottom lines by allocating group inventory through multiple distribution channels at a low cost. Whether integrated to third-party systems or using GroupSync’s proprietary inventory management system, group inventory is distributed through a real-time, enterprise-grade, PCI-compliant, private-labeled booking engine and complemented by attendee management tools. Suppliers also have the ability to engage their sales teams in GroupSync, allowing sales teams to invite planners to collaborate in the platform and even send preapproved RFPs, eliminating much of the planners’ workload during the buying process.

GroupSync Planner Solutions allow event professionals to regain their most valuable resource — time. Using GroupSync Marketplace, planners can search and compare more than 200,000 properties, without ads and pop-ups from unqualified venues, making shopping a quicker, more seamless experience. GroupSync also allows planners to collaborate in the app with other team members involved in the selection process. The time saved allows planners to move from searching and sourcing to the buying process easily and expeditiously. Now, planners can choose to book online directly or send a prequalified RFP to the hotels that best align with their needs.

Groups360 has offices in Nashville, London and Singapore.

Products by Groups360

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