ireckonuIn early 2014, Ireckonu’s data-driven, consulting practice identified a unique opportunity within the hospitality industry. Working closely with citizenM hotels, a unique “middleware”, flexible enough to glue all a hotels separate information together was born. Ireckonu was founded in late 2014, with the concept of commercializing and executing the innovate new platform’s roadmap. The Ireckonu middleware has already produced astonishing results in the hospitality industry, major hotels, as well as boutique operations, recording growth in overall guest satisfaction, as well as operational success and functionality.

The Hotel Integration Platform: From Systems to a Framework

By Karan Punjabi

In today's hospitality landscape, we are missing out on key opportunities to offer a truly personalized experience to our most valued guests. In the first part of this Guest Experience series, I'll cover how hoteliers can truly reach the gold standard of guest engagement by implementing a scalable, dynamic "framework" - starting with the Hotel Integration Platform.


Karan Punjabi

Account & Project Manager at IRECKONU

Jan Jaap van Roon

CEO at IreckonU