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simonepuorto.comTravel Singularity is the only consultancy firm for hotels and travel technology providers whose vision is to solve the growing needs for connecting the dots between digital disruption and change with the existing technology. Its founder, Simone Puorto, is a former hotel General Manager, author of three best-selling books on marketing, MBA lecturer, co-Founder of the video podcast channel Funnel TV, CMO for tech startups such as TellTheHotel and Profiter, and contributor for the major blogs in the industry. He often refers to himself as a Renaissance Futurist, and he is supporter of post-human, anti-speciesists, and transhumanist values. Over his career, spanning across over 20 years, he consulted for hundreds of international hotel groups, travel tech vendors, and startups.
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Simone Puorto

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