Strategic Solution Partners

Strategic Solution Partners (SSP)

Strategic Solution Partners (SSP) is a full-service hospitality solutions provider specializing in consulting, revenue optimization, and taskforce support for the country’s leading hotels, brands, and Hotels & Asset Management companies. SSP is led by Bill Scanlon (CEO), Jacqueline Villamil (COO), Suzanne Swafford (Associate Partner, Revenue Optimization) and Bob Holland (Associate Partner, Operations), who offer combined hospitality experience, including sales and marketing, revenue management, operations, and more. From strategic planning consultation, to revenue optimization, to sourcing great people, they work in partnership with their hotel clients every step of the way.

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Bob Holland

Partner of Strategy Solutions Partners

Fernando Salazar

Food and Beverage Consultant of Strategic Solution Partners

Bill Scanlon

President and Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Solution Partners

Jim Schultenover

Consultant at Strategic Solution Partner

Suzanne Swafford

Associate Partner, Revenue Optimization at SSP

Jacqueline Villamil

Chief Operating Officer at Strategy Solutions Partners

Dr. Donald W. Wise

Consultant with Strategic Solution Partners