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Swiss Approval International

Hospitality is the strong and historically important business story for Swiss Approval International.

The first Hospitality Standard was issued in 2012, under the name Medical Tourism Friendly Hotel (MTFH). 

In December 2014, a New International Standard, named HSTAR1, related to Guest’s safety for Hospitality premises, massive gatherings’ organisers and hotels’ certification was published, under copyright by Swiss Approval International. In the following years, a continuous improvement through consecutive revisions, was made by the experts team. In total 5 revisions was implemented.

On April 2020, due to the Corona Virus Convid19 Pandemic status, the standard was radically revised, and a new section related to the Infectious Diseases was included. The New Certificate name was defined as B&W CERT. Copyrighted 2020 by Swiss Approval International.

In May 2020, the new H&W CERT Standard related to the Attendees and Diners safety for mass catering and restaurants, was also issued.

The outcome of 20 continuous years of Accredited [ISO 17021 /ISO 17020 /ISO 17065] Inspection & Certification activity, since 1999, is that over 3000 large-scale and medium- scale/ small companies rely on us, and more than 5000 individuals requested our services in order to meet their needs.


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