L+R Hotels

L+R HotelsL+R Hotels is a dynamic, highly motivated global private investment company, creating lasting value for investors and communities. Our approach is dynamic, commercial and entrepreneurial. L+R Hotels invests where there is true potential, constantly developing our portfolio and guided by our long-term vision. We are committed owners and have the advantage of investing with patient capital, without the pressure to satisfy short-term return criteria. L+R Hotels recognises and builds on the strengths of our properties and people, equally valuing our employees, guests and investors. Through shrewd investment, and anticipating and responding to market developments, L+R Hotels has built an impressive portfolio. We own and manage some of the world’s most respected, prestigious and profitable hotels and resorts. Headquartered in London, our multi-cultural, global business manages a 17,000 room portfolio that spans the UK, Continental Europe, the US and the Caribbean. It is exceptionally diverse – from select service hotels to award-winning five-star assets and spectacular leisure resorts in the world’s most exclusive locations.
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Petra Deuter

Executive Director, Iconic Luxury Hotels- International & Head of Talent Development, L+R Hotels