Knowingli, a division of Puzzle Partner, is a market research agency focused on delivering intelligence that fuels smart business strategies, content, marketing, and sales. With access to over 40,000 data points, 22 million panelists, across over 46 countries, as well as custom survey-led research capabilities, we help companies across all industries to grow their business with better insights into their customers, prospects, trends, and emerging market demands.

Our data partners are the global gold standard used by companies like Google, Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spotify, CDC, Sutter Health, Goldman Sachs, BMW, NBA, StubHub, Cirque du Soleil, Emirates, Hello Fresh, and eMarketer. Knowingli has reimagined the idea of integrated market research and content marketing services to make them accessible and affordable for companies and budgets of all sizes.

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Alan Young

Co-Founder, Knowingli Market Research and Puzzle Partner