Hertelier is an online media platform that enlightens and inspires women in hospitality to pursue, navigate, and nurture their careers at every stage, through sharing information and sparking conversation. Our content is curated through the lens of supporting women in their hotel industry careers-sharing valuable lessons from accomplished pros and rising stars, covering business skills, work/life balance, industry news, and networking opportunities-presented in a fresh voice, with bold graphics and social media integration. We hope Hertelier offers you content that you are excited to follow! As we come off of the most devastating time in the history of our industry, it may seem strange to launch a new initiative of this scope; but as you well know, despite making up more than 50% of the lodging workforce, women still remain grossly underrepresented in the top management of hotels. Hertelier hopes to incite change, to inform, connect and empower women to lead…and what better time than now?
London, United Kingdom


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