Robosize ME

RobosizeME is a process automation specialist for the global hospitality industry, helping companies automate their operational processes based on unique industry knowledge and deep experience. Our virtual workers can help hospitality providers automate processes and optimize human effort in all areas of hotel operations, including reservations, front of house, back office, revenue management, group sales, engineering and meetings and events. The lack of experienced staff and a complicated combination of multiple IT systems are posing hotels and restaurants with the challenge of replacing years of accrued knowledge and finding the required workforce. Our digital workers will help your experienced staff to focus on guests and bring your business the expected cost-effectiveness and value. An all-inclusive, worry-free solution, our virtual workers are fully built, maintained, supported, and hosted by RobosizeME, including the connectors to hospitality IT systems and the automation software licensing.

28.rijna 459/11
Olomouc, 77900
Czech Republic

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