Top hoteliers use STAY’s Guest Experience OS to provide access to all hotel services from the guests’ smartphones. In addition to reducing annoying lines at the front desk, the hotel will streamline staff operations and increase guest consumption. More than 1,200 hotels in 68 countries rely on us to optimize their guest experiences, and Hotel Tech Report named us the "Best Guest App 2023". We work with a variety of prestigious hotel chains like NH Hotels, Barceló Hotels, Riu Hotels & Resorts, Hoteles Meliá, Palladium Hotel Group, Vincci Hotels, Viva Wyndham Resorts or Hyatt Inclusive Collection among others. And we help hundreds of independent hotels and resorts too. Simple to implement, intuitive to use. It's always about making guests and staff lives easier. Guest Experience Made Easy.

Bravo Murillo 377
Planta 8, 2
Madrid, 28020

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