Andre Smith and Marnix Lock are the visionary founders of Holoconnects, a company that creates an immersive digital reality through engaging, life-like 3D hologram technology for hotels, entertainment, retail, technology gaming, business, and more. They are talented entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success, having held leadership roles in technology, marketing, finance, and the media. The team is now focused on building companies driven by a passion for creating a smaller, more sustainable, and fossil-free world with cutting-edge techniques. Since launching Holoconnects, they have worked with companies including CIC Hospitality Group, Deloitte, TMobile, Deloitte, Playstation, Corner33, Vodafone, Olaf, Kathy Ireland, and more. Andre and Marix currently live in the Netherlands, where they continue to grow the company. Visit www.holoconnects.com.
Randweg 1
Culemborg, 4104 AC
Netherlands, The
Phone: +31 85 019 6560


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