Duetto's GameChanger is a revenue strategy powerhouse that lets your team develop and implement unique strategies quickly and easily.

Ingesting more data than any other RMS, GameChanger puts advanced pricing analytics and segmentation tools at your fingertips to help you maximize booking revenues.

Maximized Revenue

Using Open Pricing, GameChanger enables you to price all room types, distribution channels, customer segments, and stay dates independently of each other to maximize revenue without closing any opportunity for a booking.

Controlled Automation

GameChanger is the only RMS that gives you efficiency and control because your unique, pre-set revenue strategy parameters guide the system"s AutoPilot optimization.

Flexible and Customizable

Segment and re-segment without losing data. Customize your home screen to give you that "morning cup of coffee" glance at the information that matters most.

Real-time Data and More of it

The Duetto platform is designed for real-time integration with systems across your entire tech stack. GameChanger ingests more data sources than any other RMS: web shopping regrets and denials, booking and reservation data, reviews and social media comments, and competitor information.

Zero Downtime

As the first RMS built on AWS multi-tenant cloud architecture, Duetto optimizes rates seamlessly and our users are always on the latest version, avoiding costly and time-consuming upgrades.

The competitive edge you need to stay on top of 24/7 global demand.

GameChanger makes sure that you start every day confidently, informed by real-time revenue data and accurate forward- looking forecasts. Being able to review booking trends at a glance, in real-time, gives you the power to act quickly in rapidly changing markets. Setting up the Autopilot feature in GameChanger allows you to safely automate repetitive daily tasks so you can focus on more strategic decisions. For quick analysis, you can grab detailed information about current bookings, and compare it with historical and future booking data, flipping easily between all three. GameChanger is the only revenue strategy tool that has the agility and responsiveness you need to keep up with today"s dynamic global markets.

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