Duetto's BlockBuster enables you to optimally price group business. Working with GameChanger, BlockBuster uses predictive analytics to recommend the perfect mix of group and transient business at the right time and for all properties in your portfolio.

BlockBuster"s collaboration capabilities and workflows empower your sales & revenue teams with quick approval processes and communication tracking, ensuring you are first-to-proposal every time.

Profit At-A-Glance

BlockBuster informs the most profitable group strategies by analyzing transient displacement more holistically than other tools. We cast a wide net to capture influencing factors like commission costs, ancillary revenue, cost per occupied room and gaming revenue so that you can make better informed, more confident decisions.

Accurate Group Rate Recommendations

Rate recommendations are based on profitability factors (above), historical data and a reliable group demand forecast calculated with wash and pipeline metrics.

Runs on Open Pricing

The industry"s most profitable pricing methodology is particularly important for group business because it allows flexible rate optimization by room type and stay date, safeguarding your peak demand days against the inherent risks of group business.

Zero Downtime

As the first RMS built on AWS multi-tenant cloud architecture, Duetto users are always on the latest version, avoiding costly and time-consuming upgrades.

Decreasing the uncertainty and inefficiencies of group business.

Group revenue strategy is complex and its daily implementation is incredibly time consuming if you"re working with your sales team through emails and phone calls. BlockBuster gives you the power to define and manage profitable group sales strategies with ease. You can run a quick real-time displacement analysis that uses profitability metrics for an accurate and holistic evaluation of opportunity costs of every quote. Pre-populated group quotations, full pipeline visibility and effortless communications tracking decrease operational inefficiencies and make it simple to manage your group business on a daily basis.

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