Maximize hotel cleanliness while further boosting staff productivity with TraknProtect"s room tray tracking solution. The first BLE-based platform designed to keep hotel hallways and public areas clean and free from clutter, room tray tracking automates the collection process by transmitting an alert to staff when a tray is no longer in use and ready to be removed. This efficiency-enhancing and cost-reducing ability eliminates the need for employees to manually search for trays throughout the property and instead provides them with more time to interact with a hotel"s guests.  Staff members can automatically receive an alert to collect a tray via the TraknProtect app or through a service optimization platform such as HotSOS. Additional alerts can also be scheduled to automatically notify employees to check on a guest"s order. With access to detailed data analytics, hoteliers can further review order delivery and tray collection times in order to identify additional opportunities for enhanced service efficiency.

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