Other Products

3rd Party CRM Connection Interface

The OKKAMI software has the ability to connect to many CRM providers and if your provider is not already listed as a partner we will integrate with other 3rd party providers.

3rd Party Mobile Key

Use the OKKAMI mobilekey feature to allow instant access to the guest room. This is a perfect addon for the contactless checkin feature. Now a guest can checkin and access the room without visiting the front desk. This is a perfect solution to stay safe with covid-19.

3rd Party Spa System Interface

The OKKAMI hotel software can conenct to 3rd party spa providers and you can promote spa packages to your client base or property's guests. If you do not have an onsite spa, you can promote a 3rd party and generate additional revenues for your property.

Contactless Delivery with E-Signature

The e-signature is one of the most efficient tools of a contactless process, as well as being on of the biggest time savers. The E-signature is supported by providing a form within an electronic document signature (a simple image, a signature drawn on a mobile device or another electronic data, which represents a signature).

Contactless Express Check-in/out

Allow guests which made a booking on either OTA or hotel website to request a pre-check-in. The guests can upload a passport photo and all required information needed for check-in such as an arrival card (TM6). For check-out they can use the mobile app to review their folio and perform an express check-out.

Dedicated Brand Guest Profile

If you select to have all of your properties use the same profile database, if a guest has stayed at one of your hotels, their contact details can be used in any of your other linked hotels. So, when they call to book, the system recognizes them by their e-mail, name or phone number, and auto fills the rest of the information.

Digital Compendium

Use the OKKAMI or your own branded Digital Compendium to stand out from your competitors and provide your guests with a collection of concise but detailed information. Save on printing costs with an interactive, digital, in-room compendium.

Digital E-Menus

Allow customers to scan a QR code or use the location branded / OKKAMI app to view menus. Customers can also choose to place an order using the digital menu. Reduce the need for paper in the guest rooms. Guests can view and order from anywhere.

Digital Store Manager

Let guests browse what you have to offer in the palm of their hands. Whether it"s placing a room service order, viewing restaurant dining options, complete spa services or requesting items from your internal retail store, guests have instant access to this information.

Email Direct Marketing eDM

Have the ability to send eDM campaigns. Utalize the OKKAMI software database by adding on the eDM plugin and directly sending your potential and existing guest email communications and promotional offers.

Guest Request Manager

View fulfillment requests, managing orders and guest service requests all in the one place. Leave no guest request unattended. Access all requests on the easy-to-use dashboard. Tasks are shown in real time. Your team knows instantly what is complete and who has been assigned to each task.

Live Chat

Allow customers to communicate on their own devices without having to pick-up the room phone. Staff can reply safely from the comfort of their office or from one centralized location. This will keep the staff safe but can also reduce the cost of needing additional staff onsite.

Notifications & Promotions

Keeping track of which guests have stayed onsite on a daily basis and provide properties will tools to send notifications on outbreaks during their stay. In case of a reported infection OKKAMI will provide tools to send out alerts to guests via, app, email and messaging channels alerting them that during the dates they stayed another guest was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Online Reservation Link

Integrate with your reservation links via the online booking platforms. You can accept bookings 24/7 so your customers don"t have to wait until the next day to make a reservation or turn to one of your competitors. They have the convenience to book when it"s right for them, and you will always be available to collect bookings.

Payment Gateway

We currently provide payment gateway solutions for Thailand, Singapore, Japan, North America, Europe, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Hong Kong, Vietnam, US, Malaysia, Myanmar. More can be added based on demand.

PMS Rooms Manager

The OKKAMI PMS room manager provides the ultimate reservation management system, allowing you to expand your brands distribution channels as well as manage your property's rooms, rates, and bookings with ease.

Request Management Dashboard

One location for all departments to check the current status of request and make assignments to other staff members. Leading to optimized team collaboration. Team members can upload images and add additional comments to each Guests request or staff work order.

Staff Ticketing System

Allow guests to make a request without having to pick up the phone or request an item in person. Staff can also assign tickets and work orders to other team members without having to be in the same location. Guests can also request that their deliveries are contactless as they can communicate via the software and service staff will leave the delivery or room service item at the door and inform the guest.

View Folio (PMS Interface)

The folio is the guest account or hotel billing system. If open, you can post charges and payments from guests, companies and non-staying guests to the folio system.

Welcome and Checkout Emails

The welcome email sets the standard of your brand from the very start and portrays your presence to the subscriber or guest. Given that these emails are sent after purchase or upon subscribing to a company"s newsletter, many of these messages are read which, means that the impression they give the reader is what they will hold over time.

White Label App for iTunes & Google Play

We will provide your very own branded, white labeled OKKAMI app for guest and hotel use. The app is published to the App Store and Google Play Store under your own company name and branding. These white labeled apps can be customized to match your company"s brand and colors.