14,000+ hotel properties are saying goodbye to legacy processes and paper forms in favor of Sertifi"s PCI-compliant digital authorizations solution. Avoid costly chargebacks, keep your guest's information secure, and receive completed forms 5x faster.

Additional Benefits

  • Advanced fraud tools come free with a subscription to help you detect risk early. Get an A-F score on the level of fraud risk for a transaction, enabling you to save hundreds to thousands a year on chargebacks.
  • Receive virtual card and credit card details the smart, secure way. Leading travel management and payment partners integrate with Sertifi, giving travel professionals an easy, PCI-compliant way to send you your guest's payment and booking information in advance. This ultimately gives your guests a faster, easier check-in experience.
  • Get forms back faster by letting guests respond anytime, anywhere, from any device. Link to order forms for amenities like spa services or gift cards, making purchasing convenient without any effort from your staff. 
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