FX Kiosk

FX Kiosk

A tablet solution that allows guests to check in on their own, provide identification details, create digital registration card signatures and so on. FX Kiosk enhances the guest experience by eliminating the wait time and makes their check in experience more memorable.

Guest identification

To check-in, your guests will be prompted to identify themselves with PIN received from the hotel upon the booking confirmation or with a dedicated automated pre-arrival message.

Policies & signatures

FX Kiosk will let your guests review hotel check-in and stay policies. Upon acceptance of policies, the guest can sign on the touchscreen.

Activating keycard

The guests will be prompted to activate their doorlock keycards by holding the keycards against a specified place on the kiosk until it is activated. The hotel can upsell their other product or services during this process.

Route to room

After successful activation of doorlock keycard, FX Kiosk will guide the guest to reach their designated room.

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Other Products

FX1 Suite of Applications

FX1 platform is an enterprise, private cloud and mobile suite of hospitality solutions that encompasses all operations in the hotel that includes Distribution, Booking, Check-in, Check-out, In stay, Restaurant operations, Self-service solutions, Contactless solutions, Sales management solutions, Finance management, Analytics & Executive dashboards.


A web-based central reservation system that enables a chain or group hotel to effectively manage reservations, inventory, rates and guest information centrally. FX CRS has advanced reservation capabilities such as group reservation, itinerary reservation, advanced rate management and many more.

FX Finance

A cloud solution that assists the hotels accounting and finance staff with cutting-edge features such as Single Entry, Multi-Property Accounting in Single Database, Consolidated & Unit Wise Reporting, N-Level Transaction Authorization & Approval and more.

FX Front Desk

A cloud-based tablet solution for the front desk that enables true mobility for front office operations. This solution focuses on improving guest experience, and its intuitive design, ease of use and mobility factor significantly improves operational efficiency.


A complete social distancing and mobile engagement incorporated into one solution that seamlessly integrates with FX Front Desk & POS. This module transforms every touchpoint in the customer journey to a safer contactless point, leveraging the guests own device.

FX Guest Service

A platform that enables hotels to log guest service requests and serve guests better by responding to their requests and complaints on time. Guest requests are notified through the FX Guest Service Android application for employees to deliver the services.

FX Housekeeping

A cloud solution that simplifies housekeeping operations for supervisors and housekeepers by prompt notification of tasks and easy reporting capabilities. This increases guest satisfaction and the mobile app for housekeeping agents increases efficiency and instant communication.


A cloud solution that converts any android tablet into a point-of-sale device for your restaurant or bar thereby simplifying ordering and billing. This solution has both employee facing and guest facing modes that helps guests to review and order with additional waiting assistance.

FX Pulze

A data analytics mobile application which allows the management to view business critical data in real-time at their fingertips. This mobile application is available on android and iOS platforms. Know and compare hotel revenue View all revenue streams of a hotel – room sales, food & beverage sales, and banquet sales.

FX Roomate

An innovative in-room hotel tablet solution for the guest. It delivers in-room digital guest services such as Concierge, Room service ordering, Housekeeping requests, Maintenance requests, Check-out and many more.

FX Sales & Marketing

Empowers members of the sales department to have access to required data of the property to negotiate corporate and other business rate contracts on the go. Create customer account and define its status Sales information, statistics details, preferences, negotiated rates, and other relevant details Manage activities and contacts Create and keep track of sales calls, follow-up contacts, upcoming appointments, and things to do.

Hotel ERP: FortuneNext 7.0

FortuneNext is an All-in-One hotel ERP that will cater to any large independent hotel, group or chain hotel, resorts, boutique hotel, club, or restaurant. With centralized data integrations, FortuneNext enables easier and more efficient operations across all the departments of a hotel.