FX Finance

A cloud solution that assists the hotels accounting and finance staff with cutting-edge features such as Single Entry, Multi-Property Accounting in Single Database, Consolidated & Unit Wise Reporting, N-Level Transaction Authorization & Approval and more.

Single Entry | Multi-Property Accounting in Single Database | Centralized Chart of Accounts, Vendors and Customers | Consolidated & Unit Wise Reporting | N-Level Transaction Authorization & Approval | Inter-Unit Accounting | Multi-Currency | Financial Statements as per IndAS/IFRS/GAAP

Efficiency and coordination

Enhanced communication and coordination within the team by having staff in one physical location.


All accounting policies and procedures are uniform and applied to all locations making it easier to change or update when the need arises.

Intercompany reconciliations

Centralized accounting makes it easier to recognize and reconcile intercompany transactions instead of waiting for the consolidation process.


Quick and easy transition onto the same platform when new properties are acquired.


Multi-unit capabilities within the same time-frame for each location.

Inter-unit- accounting

Any unit can receive or make payment on behalf of another unit. FX-Finance includes the workflow required to settle accounts between the units and to reconcile the settlement. It has the facility to settle the inter-unit account to both units confirming the transaction.

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