FX Front Desk

A cloud-based tablet solution for the front desk that enables true mobility for front office operations. This solution focuses on improving guest experience, and its intuitive design, ease of use and mobility factor significantly improves operational efficiency.

  • Define all masters/parameters at the chain level for accurate chain level reporting and easy data management
  • Every guest has a profile which is maintained at the chain level. The profile will contain guests" preferences, dislikes, notes, feedback given, loyalty membership, past stay details, and more. Know all about the guest to offer a personalized service
  • With a single login, hotel staff can generate reports for one or all properties in a chain (with access rights). Hotel management has real-time and full visibility of all hotels" operations in a chain
  • Configure rates in any currency. The front desk platform can be used in any location across the globe, and the operational activities will still be mapped to the property"s local time zone. Any language can be supported
  • FX Front Desk can be hosted in a local data center within a chain or it can also be hosted securely in Microsoft Azure cloud
  • With the FX Front Desk operations in an Android tablet, staff can check-in and check-out guests from any location any time — be it airport, near the pool, in the lounge, inside the room, etc. Peak season or busy days can be handled with ease with mobility in hand
  • With a single login, hotel staff can make reservations for one property or any property within a chain. Instantly look up real-time availability and rate across all hotels in a chain and confirm reservations immediately
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