Multi Property Management

Maestro has extensive experience providing multi-property hotel groups and chains with powerful, yet flexible, enterprise-wide system solutions. Whether you want centralized SaaS (software as a service) processing and database hosting from your corporate VPN, or for every property to operate as a standalone unit, Maestro Multi-property management will accommodate your varied and unique requirements. Hotel group operators rely on Maestro to automate their business with an easy to use enterprise platform that provides centralized controls and reporting while enabling each property to run at maximum efficiency.

The advantages of standardizing with Maestro Multi-property:

  • Centralized chain wide database allowing for easy cross selling of properties & amenities, and a single client profile for greater guest recognition
  • Corporate collection and individual property performance metrics and guest behaviour reporting from a single central data repository.
  • Increased efficiencies and productivity with centralized, standardized operational procedures across all properties.
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