WiFi & High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)

IT Hospitality

""Internet today is entirely too important for guests, especially business travelers, to be the reason they are upset with a Hotel""

For Guests this is how critical this service is.

Their reviews are always the same: too slow, and not working properly.

It indicates how they perceive the user friendliness and quality of the Wi-Fi during their stays.

IT Hospitality helps you designing and implementing the most efficient and cost-effective Wi-Fi Network solution.

The Internet Gateway provided will enable you to service your guest"s requirements and expectation as well as ensure 100% Brand Standard compliance.

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Other Products

Digital Signage

Communication and Information are essential for a hotel operation. Digital signage is the most effective and user-friendly way of relaying the right information whilst also creating an avenue to generate revenue. Meeting rooms and the receptions area were the first to be equipped with digital signage.

IP Telephony

Internet and the IP environment began to drive the telephone and communications industry to a big change. As IP experts IT Hospitality started to install IP Telephony systems onto networks we have designed for both Guests and Admin purposes.

IPTV & In Room Entertainment

Our expertise goes from the Roof to the Guest Room as well as from the IT Room to the Guest Room. Whatever you have in mind from Digital TV to IPTV, from Interactive Platforms to Content Streaming solutions, from On site to Cloud based we have installed thousands of the past 25 years.

IT Management & Support

Network Administration Many of our customer asked us to administrate the network. Our service could be fully on site, fully remote or a mixed solution. We can offer you the most effective and adaptable solution to meet your expectations.

Network Design & Management

Design, setup and integration of your network is the most important element to your full IT setup. Especially in post COVID operations ! Your network will run all your applications needed for smooth and efficient daily operations.