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Minibar+ is an innovative solution that enhances Bartech"s manual minibars with semi-automatic functionality. Simple to set up and implement, Minibar+ is a "plug and play" solution that is available as a downloadable application, easily adding semi-automatic functionality to Bartech"s manual units to give hotel operators the ability to control key functions of these devices without having to set foot in the guestroom.

As the industry becomes more "guestroom-centric" with hotel guests avoiding common areas like restaurants and bars, the in-room F&B offering is expected to be a more central aspect of the stay experience. To address that need, Bartech"s Minibar+ supports hoteliers by creating guestroom-based profit centers using manual minibars or dry goods display units with sealed, pre-packaged goods, and allows remote monitoring and control of the units, ensuring minimized guest contact.

In addition to assisting with the protection of guest health and wellbeing, Minibar+ also allows hoteliers to control costs by providing the ability to adjust internal temperatures remotely using tablets or smartphones. In this way, properties can adjust their energy consumption based on occupancy, prevent refrigerators from running at night, or automatically set the devices to shut down during pre-set periods of low occupancy. Minibar+ provides a number of other unique features also, including the ability to remotely lock and unlock minibars individually or by floor, reducing staff and guest pilferage, and allowing hoteliers to offer higher quality items in the guestroom. Maintenance staff can also schedule defrost timing remotely.

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Other Products

C32 Minibar

Providing flexible options in minibar functionality and design, the C32 is available as a fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual solution. With a capacity of 40 liters, C32 minibars can store up to32 products and when equipped with Bartech"s advanced sensor technology, can eliminate costly management practices by automatically posting purchases to a guest"s profile and by notifying which specific items require restocking.


The eTray provides hotels and resorts with the ability to conform to a more guest-centric approach where an array of non-traditional purchase items can be instantly made available in-room and without requiring guests to come into close contact with staff or other guests.


Bartech's NeoTray is an ideal solution for the new guestroom-centric travel experience, allowing properties to generate much-needed in-room revenue, while offering a convenient and valuable guest service.