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STS Cloud is a sales and catering software designed specifically for the unique needs of sales and catering teams within the hospitality industry. Key features include CRM, group management, lead capture and opportunity management, reporting, and more. The platform is available as a desktop or cloud-based solution, accessible from PC, tablet and mobile devices.

STS Cloud"s full-featured CRM helps users keep sales processes organized, while helping to build customer relationships, as well as capture and manage leads to ensure that an opportunity is never missed. Account management features include company and travel profiles, contract tracking, a sales call module, account statistics, and sales pipeline tracking. Document merge capabilities allow users to merge bookings into contracts, letters and BEOs (banquet event orders) with Word, including automatic traces from bookings.

Catering planning tools include a function diary, BEOs, banquet checks, and catering contracts to help keep users and their catering team in sync. STS Cloud seamlessly integrates with ProposalPath for creating personalized proposals, as well as with Outlook to send out email blasts to customers.Tools for group management include comprehensive GRC functionality to help users manage bookings and room blocks, including an automated suggested rates module. In order to monitor and track performance, sales activity, revenue, GRC, and more, STS Cloud offers a vast selection of sales and catering reports, including weekly sales reports which summarize all activity for a specific salesperson.

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