ProposalPath, LLC

ProposalPath, is the industry's most versatile, easiest-to-use, and most cost-effective online proposal solution.

Whether you're selling a meetings & events venue, a destination, or hospitality services, we've built best practices into ProposalPath for creating engaging and effective proposals for the variety of industries and market segments you serve. Quickly select the right content, photos, and sales collateral in just a few clicks, and watch as ProposalPath transforms them into a winning presentation.

Integrated RFP forms enable you to capture leads directly from your website or other digital platforms and send them straight to ProposalPath for an immediate, high-impact response.

Online Catering Menus add-on brings the same great presentation and design of the ProposalPath proposal to your catering menus. Sales managers have the ability to custom select menus to send to customers standalone, or fully integrated into the proposal experience.

Break away from the cookie-cutter sales presentations and close more business.

Professionally Designed

Highly Customizable

Centralized Sales Material

Mobile Friendly

Detailed Analytics

Videos & Custom Site Tours

Integrated RFP Forms

Online Catering Menus

ProposalPath is 100% web-based and securely hosted at a world-class data center. There is no software for you or your IT department to install, and our products are available to you anytime and anywhere.

Thousands of hospitality sales professionals trust ProposalPath to help them put their best foot forward.

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