IDeaS RevPlan is a revolutionary total revenue forecasting and budgeting tool that will transform how  hotel forecasts and plans rooms, food & beverage and other lines of business to drive greater profitability. It empowers agile financial decision-making and delivers precise total revenue forecasting and budgeting, leading to greater productivity, staffing efficiency and profit performance.

  • Increase profitability of rooms, food & beverage, and other revenue streams with more precise planning
  • Adapt to market changes with agile total revenue forecasting
  • Boost operational efficiencies with automated data collection and intelligence
  • Consolidate hotel data at the enterprise level to drive strategic decisions

RevPlan enables hotel leaders to swiftly adapt to market changes by efficiently and continuously forecasting and re-forecasting. Now hoteliers can finally instill greater transparency and agility across their organization and start driving profitability through smarter decisions, automation and improved forecast accuracy.

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