Personalized Asset Management Services

Personalized Asset Management Services
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Hospitality Financial Leadership Asset Management Program

Here is an overview of the service, features & benefits.


  • A dedicated and personalized 1-1 program, consisting of 5 hours each month of my time and expertise, typically delivered weekly. Designed to take your hotel profit in the right direction by looking through the entire financial landscape of the hotel; monthly financial statements, budgets, and forecasts, monthly processes, controls, labor productivity measurements, timelines, workflow, internal procedures, you and your team"s financial literacy. In addition, we work on your challenges and opportunities using a coaching and a what-if approach. I customize your program for you. You have access to all my resources including online workshops for your team, videos, blogs, and spreadsheet tools.


  • We connect via phone or zoom. You either call me on my landline or we join online to my zoom invitation.


  • I customize my work 1-1 with you so you get what you need. Weekly we focus on the burning issues and come up with improvements. I encourage you to look at the various pain points in your business; like moving to monthly financials, creating forecasts & budgets, productivity tracking and scheduling, internal controls, expense, and payroll reviews.


  • We schedule our calls from week to week at the conclusion of each call based on both of our schedules. I work Mon-Fri, typically 10 am to 4 pm EST. Special arrangements can be made for earlier calls.

Cancelation or Changes

  • You may cancel and re-schedule a call within a 24-hour window prior to the scheduled call at no loss of program time to you. Inside of 24 hours you own the call. If I need to cancel, I will add the additional time.

Return on Investment

  • I help you make more money by finding ways to make more revenues, reduce expenses, payroll, and tighten controls. Typically $100,000 in savings means an additional $1,000,000 in asset value.


  • My monthly fee for this service depends on your asset type. It is invoiced and payable at the beginning of each month. I accept online payments. Once the first fee is received, we start the program and schedule our first call.


Guarantee & Commitment

  • My guarantee to you is that I show up on each call fully and completely and I commit to your success and development. I give you all of my 35+ years of experience in hotel financial leadership.


  • 1 Year initial engagement and then month to month after that

Additional Communication with You

  • Based on your needs I am available for communication via email or a quick call. If time is required above a basic minimum it would need to come from the program hours. I will advise if this is necessary before using the program hours.

Property Visits

  • Flat fee per day or partial day plus transportation and meals at the hotel.

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