Hospitality Financial Leadership - Video Course for Non Financial Hotel Department Managers

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Video Course for Non Financial Hotel Department Managers
Its not accounting

100+ video micro classes on how you can become a hospitality leader with financial skills. It"s not accounting – it"s business thinking. It"s very accessible to all and it is the secret sauce to grow your hotel career. Become a prosperous hotelier with financial skills! You can learn more about the complete course at the link below.

Being able to speak the business language of the hotel is the fast track to career advancement!

David LundThe Hotel Financial Coach

  • Invest in one sure thing – you!
  • This is totally accessible to anyone who wants to learn!
  • Understanding and speaking the financial strategy of the business is priceless!
  • Increase your own personal prosperity and hotel career success with hospitality financial leadership!

Leadership and skills around the numbers are critical keys to a successful hotel career and now there is a solution with the Hospitality Financial Leadership Video Series. These micro-video lessons help to build a financial foundation with everything you need to know about the hotel's financials.

This is NOT an accounting course. It"s hotel business thinking!

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