Vertical Booking Online Booking Engine

The Vertical Booking internet booking engine offers a customization option tailor-made to suit your hotel requirements.  Our Booking Engine is extraordinary in terms of usability, speed and adaptability to all graphical needs.  Advanced features include dynamic packaging, a browser-responsive layout, translation to 30 languages and available in ALL international currencies.   By enhancing the guest booking experience directly on your website, you can reduce distribution costs and increase incremental revenue.

Our enhanced Booking Engine includes a host of features developed to engage the guest during the booking process:

  • Recovery Strategy prompts guests who are about to abandon the reservation with a fully customized pop-up message to reel them back in. 

  • Alternative Offers suggest special promotions for additional nights or services, translating into higher revenue per stay. 

  • Secret / Locked Deals, guests can enter their email address to unlock special offers, which grows the hotel"s email list and makes guests feel special. 

  • Persuasive Customized Messaging increases conversion by encouraging the guest to proceed with the booking. 

  • OTA Rate Comparison Pop-up builds guest confidence by displaying OTA rates and will automatically match the lowest rate while remaining in parity. 

  • Flexible Date Calendar allows the guest to choose their travel dates based on budget rather than date-specific making it easy to find and book the least expensive stay possible.
  • Customized Pre/Post Stay Messaging and Vanity URL
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