Grouprev optimizes total hotel revenue by maximizing the value of group and event spaces with demand-based pricing and forecasting.

Built using the core strategy of Guestrev's transient forecast tools, Grouprev provides an unconstrained view and projections into group business at the micro-segment level.

Presented with a floor, optimal and ceiling bid rate, sales managers can confidently quote a rate that is based on the expected total revenue and winning probability at the micro-segment level.

Maximize total hotel revenue and profit. In addition to being captured and factored into the displacement value, the ancillary profit is also considered in the total value of any group opportunity. Hotels can define their ancillary categories and corresponding profit margins.

Enjoy total meeting space management while simplifying the "catering free sell" process. Set rules to "open" and "close" your function space for catering-only business while establishing a booking target per function room.

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