Our own xnPOS Go GSOPsolution is highly flexible and can be used to integrate into all, or parts of, a hotel"s service workflows.

For example in a dining environment the guest can choose to place an initial order via a server and then request additional wine and payment using their own phone. The guest can use xnPOS GO to call a server at any point of their dining experience.

xnPOS GO is also perfect for in-room dining offering guests the ability to order in multiple languages and even call for the tray to be collected when they have finished their meal or drink. A guest can also use xnPOS GO to order breakfast to be delivered to their room the next morning.

xnPOS GO provides flexible payment options allowing the guest to add gratuities and pay by credit card or charge to their room .

xnPOS GO is seamlessly integrated into xnPOS , our leading cloud based POS systems, so that any menu item changes are immediately available on the digital menu. xnPOS GO connects your guest to the hotel point of sale system by using their own mobile device.

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