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THE stands for Tourism, Hospitality and Events and our group makes a considerable contribution to the work of the School of Business and Enterprise in which it is located. At an international level, the Tourism, Hospitality and Events industries are dynamic and successful, and economies throughout the world are dependent upon them. Not least of which is Scotland, where these industries contribute significantly both to our national economy and the heritage and cultural landscapes.

THE group strives to make a significant contribution to the industry in Scotland and at a global level also. What better place to study Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management than in the capital city Edinburgh, where each of these three sectors are thriving.

We offer a range of courses at undergraduate level, with BA (Hons) degrees in each of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management. We also allow combinations of any of these disciplines, indeed combinations of these and other school disciplines are also available. But we offer more than that - we enable students to study a range of specific MBA's, such as in eTourism, Hospitality Management and also Golf and Country Club Management. Additionally we also have a small, but growing, number of PhD students pursuing research in the realms of eTourism, Hospitality and areas related to THE group's expertise.

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