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Over 3,500 hospitality employers have recruited Johnson & Wales graduates, and with good reason. Our students get practical, on-the-job experience at on- and off-campus properties including hotels and restaurants. The professionalism and skills our students possess, well before graduation, are an unmistakable asset to any hospitality career. The Hospitality College, through a philosophy of experiential learning, seeks to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge which enables graduates to be successful in their chosen careers and to contribute significantly to society.


For students in hospitality industry, a rough road ahead |

Roger J. Dow, a former Marriott executive, is generally upbeat when he talks about the hospitality industry. After all, as head of the Travel Industry Association, his job is to talk up tourism. But during a visit to the Hospitality College at Johnson & Wales University yesterday, Dow said the recession has not spared the country’s hotels and restaurants.