EHL Graduate School

We deliver impactful lifelong learning solutions in hospitality, service, and human-centric management. Through our education and research, we are thought leaders in these areas for the benefit of diverse service and product-based industry contexts. ​We believe in the humanity of business, a philosophy born out of our 130 year heritage as a premier hospitality and service management educator. Our education focuses on engaging people’s minds, hearts, and hands to orchestrate human-centric strategies that create, capture, and share value.​ In the battle between short-term survival and long term development, profits often reign over people. In most industries today, investors, customers, and employees demand more. Being human-centric means prioritizing customers and consumers, the leaders and employees at the heart of organizations, as well as society at large. Those subscribing to this management and leadership philosophy recognize how the power of people can be harnessed to create real impact.
Route de Berne 301
Lausanne, 1000

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