“New role of housekeeping post-Covid -19 “What are the new normal standards?In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the travel industry is adapting to meet new health and safety concerns. Airlines are requiring passengers to wear masks on flights. Airbnb is encouraging hosts to build in vacancy periods between guests’ stays. Cruising is on hold, thanks to a no-sail order from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.Before this pandemic, few people gave a second thought to sleeping in a bed that hundreds of others had slept in, or touching door handles faucets, and television remotes. But after, people will be hyper-conscious of all the surfaces in a hotel room that are hosts for the virus.Hotels, too, have begun dealing with COVID-19 on several fronts. Changes are being made to housekeeping, food safety, and guest check-in and checkout.As with most global restrictions, we do not know whether these changes will be temporary or long-term. But here is a look at what hotel brands are doing to take extra precautions.Hotels have introduced contact-free check-in access, have enhanced disinfecting protocols, more sanitizing tools for guests, making sure on employees’ health. In the time of making clean, cleaners what are your hotels doing to make sure the guest who checks in stays healthy while their stays and combat no illnesses after they check out? This will help your brand big time to trust gain from the rest of the community. Hozpitality Group recently hosted a webinar with some prestigious hospitality suppliers around the globe. We have outlined some questions and put up together for our readers in this article. The live webinar panel included Tatjana Ahmed, EHK Grand Hyatt, Dubai (President UAE Housekeepers), Prabhat Shukla, EHK Intercontinental Doha (President Qatar Housekeeping Association), Alena Miatlushka, HR Manager, Hilton Toronto, Mikhail Korolka Rooms Division Manager, Novotel, Toronto North York, Paul Saade, EHK Marriott, Beirut, Lebanon, and Vandana Bhatt, MD Hozpitality Group, Toronto, Canada.