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Video26 October 2020

Leading the Way to Creating a Sustainable Hospitality Business

Sustainability has become increasingly at the forefront of consumer purchasing power and business strategy. And recent UN warnings on climate change, emissions, waste, slavery, equality and more mean that drinks and hospitality businesses are going to have to take radical action, and soon. This panel will examine how the hospitality industry can help tackle some of the biggest global challenges and improve its impact on the environment, workers, the community and customers.- Water, plastic, carbon footprint, waste, packaging, free trade, hiring…where and how to start?- Where are we seeing the biggest improvements and what areas still need more work?- Sustainable business strategies – innovations, challenges, failures and learnings- Tips for implementing sustainability initiatives and improvements across the business- Avoiding greenwashing – short term gain, long term damage- Balancing profit and purpose – ensuring your business is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable in challenging market conditions- The importance of collaboration and partnerships, internally and externallyContributors:Jonathan Raggett, Managing Director, Red Carnation Hotels.Kate Sandle, Director of Programmes and Engagement, B Lab UK.Andrea Rasca, Founder and Chief Executive Dreamer, Mercato Metropolitano. Nathan Larkin, Founder, Speak in Code.Louisa Dodd, Project Manager, Sustainable Restaurant Assocation.Moderator:Jacopo Mazzeo, News Editor, Imbibe UK.