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Video12 November 2020

Coronavirus: Food Safety Risk?

Speaker: Sterling Crew

We live in the most extraordinarily challenging times with the public health threat posed by Covid-19. It’s caused by a novel coronavirus which is a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans, so there is still a level of uncertainty. Food has been identified as an unlikely source or route of transmission of the virus. It is a respiratory illness and not known to be transmitted by exposure to food or its packaging.

The global food sector is being impacted both economically and socially, across the entire food chain, in relation to: human resources, such as changes in key personnel; supply chains of ingredients, packaging, finished products and equipment; sourcing as manufacturers may need to rely on alternative suppliers at short notice; along with the transportation of people, materials and good. This has the potential to impact negatively on food safety.

The food sector must continue to adhere to good manufacturing and food safety processes and procedures. We are fortunate that food professionals and handlers are already well informed and trained in hand hygiene and cross contamination in food service and factory operations and already have robust controls in place.

This webinar reviewed the current scientific evidence and advice relating to Covid-19 and food, and addressed some of the current and future challenges facing our industry.

Q&A Panel: Sterling Crew, Chris Gilbert-Smith, Andy Kerridge