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Video16 December 2020

Cornell Webinar: New York City Real Estate: Straight Talk on the Road to Recovery

New York City was hit early and hit hard by COVID-19. In a matter of months, the city saw its commuter-reliant businesses, tourism and entertainment industries, and everyday life temporarily devastated. The city’s real estate must and will adapt. New York, and its real estate sector, is nothing but resilient. The pandemic has changed how we live, work, and invest. The question now is: what will the 21st century “new normal” be? How, and how successfully, will New York City’s real estate ecosystem rebound? This panel of NYC industry leaders will be introduced by Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Dean Kevin Hallock, and moderated by Joanne Angbazo, Kristen Collins, and Lera Covington, 2020 graduates of the Baker Program in Real Estate, and winning Team Datcher of the 2020 She Has a Deal real estate pitch competition.