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Video 9 February 2021

Horst Schulze - Excellence Wins: Become the Best in a World of Compromise

Horst Schulze learned early on that in order to excel, you must be excellent. From his humble beginnings as a server’s assistant, he worked his way up through both the Hilton and Hyatt Hotels before helping to found The Ritz- Carlton Hotel Company in 1983.To be the best — and to hold that position — you must always be looking for ways to excel. Not only does this benefit you, but it inspires those you lead to do the same.In this episode, Horst answers questions such as:- Why should every business have a clearly defined vision?- How can empowering your employees benefit your clients and you?- What are the four cornerstones of a great company?- How should you orient new staff to promote your values and vision?---Website: schulze/Instagram: