Daniel Thorniley Senior Executives Business Conversations Series - Ep. 3David JenkinsVice President Business Development, Radisson Hotel GroupLast week I had the pleasure of speaking informally with David Jenkins, Vice President Business Development, Radisson Hotel Group.I am very pleased to share this recording of the conversation with you which lasts around 40 minutes.It is a fascinating discussion and I recommend that you listen to it. We talk about business trends and David shares his experiences of years of dedicated work in the Russian-CIS markets.Given the Covid crisis and the hit to the hospitality sector, David gives a thoughtful, nuanced and far from gloomy outlook. David provides a balanced view of the market with its plus points and challenges.I confess that while I know quite a lot about the hospitality sector, I learned a lot of from this chat with David. I sensed that the market could be somewhat better than portrayed in the public media, but it was educational to hear from a long-standing experienced executive operational in the business.In 40 minutes I think we can all learn a lot from David.