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Webinar: Revenue HACKS Linkedin LIVE Series Pricing

This webinar was recorded on June 17, 2020

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Women in Hospitality and Travel-Tech (WHTT)

New Weekly series on WHTT LinkedIn Live! Transparent, practical , real value advice on Revenue Management strategies. For all involved in the recovery post covid-19 crisis and beyond. Register and be the first to witness the NEW BEGINNING

In this episode we will concentrate on the tasks and role of revenue

The hosts share advice on each of the area of own expertise such as digital marketing plan adjustments OTA optimisation, working with floating occ in excel, new KPIs to work with.

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Revenue HACKS is a weekly series led by 6 revenue experts:

Ally Northfield, Managing Director Revenue by Design

Benedicte Ollagnon, Revenue Expert

Berengere Brohan, Owner My O.C.

Khristina Ridge, Group Revenue Manager JMK Group

Olga Sommer, Award Winning Revenue Manager

Susanne Williams, Director of Revenue Management Journey

Webinar: Revenue HACKS Linkedin LIVE Series Pricing is organized by

Rita Varga
Co- Founder - Women in Hospitality and Travel-Tech
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