How To Turn Every Guest “Conversation” Into A Sales & Marketing Opportunity

As tech solutions continue to replace "touch points" in our guests' cycle of service, each remaining "conversation" becomes ever more important, especially since guests are more likely to reach out to our humans either when things go wrong or when they have a special request or need. With so many guests booking online, often through third parties, and with an ever-increasing number using self-check-in, any remaining interaction might be the only chance to put a "face" on your brand and foster loyalty. Doug's webcast will cover:

  • How to turn inbound emails, chat messages with "quick questions," and in-app message exchanges on OTA's into opportunities to convert a new booking, cross-sell, or upsell.
  • Maintenance techs and housekeeping inspectors may be the only face of your company and in the best position to encourage a positive guest review of social media posts, especially for guests who check-in via an app or keyless entry.
  • These days, it is often the random encounter in a corridor, walkway, or elevator that creates the best opportunity to humanize your brand.
  • It's everyone's job to "know the product," which is of course the overall experience not the room, suite or vacation home. Answering questions is good, but proactively offering "local insider's tips" is a true gesture of hospitality.
  • It's the "people parts" that make the difference to guests. So in that sense, everybody sells!

This webinar is hosted by Kennedy Training Network (KTN)

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