Douglas Quinby

Vice President of Research at Phocuswright, Inc.

Douglas Quinby

Douglas Quinby, Vice President of Research at Phocuswright, has led several studies on key topics in the travel industry, including social media and traveler reviews, travel agencies, vacation rentals, local tours and activities and global distribution systems. Frequently cited in leading media outlets, including Bloomberg, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, he is a sought-after speaker for industry events around the world. He previously led his own firm providing strategic research, communications and marketing services to travel technology companies.

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Digital dominates amid hostels' ascent

The broader travel industry may bucket hostels into "alternative accommodations," yet this often-overlooked sector is showing higher online penetration than the hotel or vacation rental categories. Younger travelers (18-34) comprise the largest share of hostel guests, and these digital natives have fueled rapid adoption of online and mobile hostel booking.

Airbnb, and the Battle for Hearts – and Homes

It's shaping up to become one of travel's great competitive rivalries: Airbnb One has achieved global dominance in online hotel distribution, the other in private accommodation. But as Phocuswright Research has been forecasting for several years, the silos and segments within accommodation are collapsing as travelers increasingly consider and book both.

Only One Thing Will Disrupt OTAs (and It Ain't Blockchain)

OTA bashing is about as old as OTAs themselves. It's been bountiful fodder for media hype and conference roundtable hysterics for decades. We've heard it all before, from airlines, hotels and the myriad technology companies, startups and consultants that seek to serve them: OTAs are expensive, innovation-stifling gatekeepers who add far more cost than they deliver in value to travel brands or consumers.

Hotels vs. the (OTA) World

Seven years ago, airlines – one in particular – were coming to blows with the OTAs. American pulled out of Orbitz and Expedia rallied behind its competitor and booted the carrier. I wrote our take on what was going on and where it was headed: Airlines vs.

Online Travel Agents: Winners in a hyper-dynamic marketplace

Few would deny that OTAs have become a force to be reckoned with within the travel distribution landscape. From humble beginnings, two companies, The Priceline Group and Expedia Inc., have grown to become the acknowledged global giants of the travel distribution space through a combination of organic growth and a series of mergers and strategically timed acquisitions.
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