Bill Carroll, PhD

Senior Corporate Executive, Board Member, and Educator

Bill Carroll, PhD Bill Carroll is actively engaged with hotel ownership groups, intermediaries and start ups in the areas of digital media management, pricing, and marketing. He is capable of taking a holistic view of marketing, pricing, distribution and revenue management for hospitality related firms. He helps clients chart a successful courses of action through improved strategic focus, organizational change and systems solutions choices. Bill is a Consulting Member of Cayuga Hospitality Consultants and a senior analyst with Phocuswright.

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Cornell Webinar: Effective Digital Marketing During COVID-19: What Hospitality Managers Need To Know

COVID-19’s impact on the hospitality industry has been enormous but it hasn’t been universal. Individual hospitality properties are being affected in complex and evolving ways, with some weathering the storm more successfully than others.

Digital Marketing Performance Evaluation in the COVID-19 Pandemic

In conjunction with The Hotel School at Cornell University, William Carroll published this white paper on October 1, 2020.

Distribution 2.0 / Chapter 1

HyperGuest presentDistribution 2.0 turning Hospitality into a Sustainable Intermediation.10th september from 3pm CET #Linkedinlive on FunnelTVIn this livestreaming event we will discover the evolution of distribution starting from GDS and Online Travel up to the various innovations that are increasingly emerging in the current scenario such as Distribution 2.

The Battle For ‘Book Direct’ May Be Won, But The War Will Not

In this war to win the hearts and minds of modern travelers, intermediaries like Google, Expedia and Priceline have the resources and major strategic advantages. Individually and collectively, they have massive financial resources to invest in technology (website and mobile), systems, databases, marketing, talent and so forth – more than any single chain, much less an independent property.

Measuring the Effects of Interactive Media Marketing

For definition purposes, interactive media marketing includes social, search and mobile media marketing. Here the consumer or agent (travel agent, travel manager or event planner) interacts individually with the supplier or intermediary without human interaction to generate immediately or eventually incremental revenue and financial contribution for a hospitality supplier.