Cayuga Hospitality Consultants

Cayuga Hospitality AdvisorsCayuga Hospitality Consultants is a global network of independent consultants focused on the hospitality industry. Consultants are available to work independently on assignments or can be organized as a team or task force to achieve the greatest possible results for our clients. Areas of expertise include operations, sales, marketing, finance, asset management, development, technology, insurance, litigation and sustainability for all areas of hospitality, including hotels/resorts, spas/clubs, restaurants/bars, and casinos. Consultants’ goals are to provide practical, profit-oriented advisory services across a broad range of hospitality property types and business models plus hands-on support implementing their recommendations. For more information, view their hospitality consulting services or follow them on LinkedIn.

Karine Gill

Managing Director at KGillAssociates

Chuck Kelley

Lodging Operations Consultant & Partner with Cayuga Hospitality consultants

Jim Lopolito

Owner of Lopolito Hospitality Consultants, Corp. (LHC)

Kelli Carucci

President/Founder KC Hospitality Consulting, LLC

Romulo Vallejo

Consultants at Cayuga Hospitality Consultants

Jim Gieselman

Principal at Emeritus Consulting

Teri Merritt

CEO & Founder at Merritt Marketing Solutions, LLC