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Roberta Nedry

President, Hospitality Excellence, Inc.

Roberta Nedry is President of Hospitality Excellence, Inc., leaders in guest experience management. Ms. Nedry has developed a unique 3D Service(sm) methodology to take guest service to the next level. Her firm focuses on guest, customer and client service, the concierge profession and service excellence training for management and frontline employees. To learn more about Hospitality Excellence programs, exceptional service and the new 3DServicesm Online training program - a New Dimension in Service Excellence, visit Ms. Nedry can be contacted at 877-436-3307 or

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Please Use the "F" Word!!

Relax! Not that 'F' Word! This 'F' stands for Feelings, which are critical to any service interaction or guest experience and they must be front and center to make meaningful emotional connections. Whose feelings you might ask? Yours, theirs and ours!!! How you perceive your ...

Take the Service Elevator to the Top Floor

Gartner Incorporated, a leader in technology and research predicts that this year, 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience, versus 36% four years ago. Another global study by customer experience solutions provider Amdocs revealed that the ...

Cultural Inspiration on Service

Aloha! Kia Ora! Hey y'all! Bien Venidos! Bienvenue! Saa wee da ka or Saa wee da krap! Welcpme! What happens when these words of greeting from different cultures are uttered? What do we associate with those greetings and the people in those states or countries who say them? How ...

Go Hard on Soft Service Skills

In today's world, a lot of times we think HARD is better. Work hard! Play hard! Drive a hard bargain! Hard may mean strength such as "hard as a rock" versus soft which may seam weak as in "Don't be a softy." Apples taste better hard and to many peoples' tastes, so does cheese. ...