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Larry Mogelonsky

Owner of Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited and the founder of LMA Communications Inc.,

One of the world’s most published writers in hospitality, Larry Mogelonsky is the owner of Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited and the founder of LMA Communications Inc., an award-winning marketing agency based in Toronto. His experience encompasses hotel properties around the world, both branded and independent, and ranging from luxury and boutique to select-service. Larry also sits on several boards for companies focused on hotel technology. His work includes four books, “Are You an Ostrich or a Llama?” (2012), “Llamas Rule” (2013), “Hotel Llama” (2015) and “The Llama is Inn” (2017).

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Tips to Fill Your Urban Hotel This Summer

For a moment, though, let's focus on urban properties. Bricks and mortar are depreciated all 12 months of the year. There are no summer breaks in your debt obligations even as the meetings and conference segment wanes. Yes, weekend occupancies may be buoyed by weddings or other ...

Crossing the Pacific

While everyone knows that Japan's culinary fare is quite different from that of other cultures, it's even more interesting to hear from a chef with a North American background who has come to master the country's food preparation style. Akin to learning a second language, Food ...

Being a Senior Team Member in Ten Steps

Years ago, it was simple - reaching 65 meant retirement. You got your gold watch, or other memorabilia of recognition, and set out into the sunset of your time on earth. Perhaps a life in Florida or Arizona was in the plans, with many thinking that their last days would be spent ...

Special Job Titles Deserve Special Prices

The inspiration that sparked this concept came about tangentially when discussing a somewhat recent initiative at select Ritz-Carlton alpine resorts where they have introduced a 'smoreologist' which is, in essence, a fancy name for a pastry chef who spends a bit more of his ...