Larry Mogelonsky

Managing Director Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited

Larry Mogelonsky The world’s most published writer in hospitality, Larry Mogelonsky is the managing director of Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited. His experience encompasses hotel properties around the world, both branded and independent, and ranging from luxury and boutique to select-service. Larry also sits on several boards for companies focused on hotel technology. He is a much sought after public speaker. His published work includes five books: “Are You an Ostrich or a Llama?” (2012), “Llamas Rule” (2013), “Hotel Llama” (2015) and “The Llama is Inn” (2017)..and “The Hotel Mogel” (2019).

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The Autumn of COVID Is the True Test for Your CRM

The tumultuous period during and in the immediate aftermath of COVID-19 lockdowns saw the rise of contactless technologies to meet the new mandate for viral safety as well as the search for staycation or drive-to customers using a myriad of digital channel strategies.

What Summer Search Data Really Tells Us About Post-COVID Travel

Travel behavior in the summer of COVID-19 has been erratic and still has a long way to go until it returns to pre-pandemic levels. However, the search data during this recovery period can offer strong clues as to what customers will want from their hotel experiences in the next normal so that operators can adjust their businesses accordingly.

Alignment | Larry Mogelonsky | September 28, 2020

In this edition of Alignment Phil chats with Managing Partner at Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited, Larry Mogelonsky. Larry has 35 years of experience in the hospitality space starting with the Four Seasons, opening his own hotel marketing agency, and now founder and Managing Partner of Hotel Mogel Consulting.

Verified Clean Technologies as the Necessary Step to Bring Groups Back

Staycations and drive-market getaways have become the going trends to help revitalize leisure travel for a summer season where we are still battling COVID-19. But most hotels don't build and grow rate from fully independent travelers alone, nor can they keep their ledgers in the black without midweek occupancy during off-peak periods.

Value Reigns in the Hotel Recovery Phase

The summer of COVID-19 for hotels has meant a dominance of local leisure guests and road trips as we await the return of group travel to boost our occupancies and our margins. With the approaching next normal of autumn, winter, more properties reopening and less overall desirability for a vacation to a domestic location during the colder months, it would be all too easy to succumb to a price war.
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