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Airbnb as the Literal Canary in the Coal Mine

By Larry Mogelonsky

With seven million guestrooms (as of this writing) available for rent, Airbnb beats out any other hotel company or distributor on the planet for total room inventory. Given its sheer size and its omnipresent brand awareness, when this sharing economy juggernaut makes the move, it's a sign of where the industry is headed as a whole.

Understanding the Future of Alternate Accommodations

By Larry Mogelonsky

We tend to consider the hotel industry in a traditional sense of hotels and resorts. But in case you've been ostrich with your head in the sand for the past few years, the term no longer really applies, replaced instead with 'the accommodations industry' that incorporates all the new table names that were only fringe players a decade ago.

Does Your Hotel Need A Plant-Based Restaurant?

By Larry Mogelonsky

No matter where you stand on the issue of climate change, the one undeniable aspect of this movement is that it is rapidly gaining awareness across the world. With scientists publishing study after study to show just how inhospitable our environment will soon become, this trend is particularly prevalent amongst our youth, and if you don't understand it then your hotel's F&B future may be grim.


Indonesia is the Next China for the Hospitality Industry

By Larry Mogelonsky

Right now, we are all still talking about the rapid growth of China and to a lesser extend India, Russia and Brazil under the collective banner of BRIC. Their evolution into capitalistic territories has presented countless lucrative prospects for hospitality organizations both big and small.


The (almost) human TripAdvisor

Recently, I was approached by general manager with a highly irregular issue concerning his hotel’s listing on TripAdvisor. That man is Mark Sample, and his property is the Ocean Sands Beach Inn in St.

How hotels can use YPlan

A ways back, I shared my thoughts on the then-new smartphone app HotelTonight, which allowed users to make quick, same-day bookings at properties in whatever city they were presently located. I argued that even though this app pandered to the OTA crowd, it was not a proponent for guestroom commoditization.


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