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Michael Toedt

Managing Partner and CEO at TS&C GmbH

Graduate MBA, Dr. Michael Toedt is Managing Partner and CEO of Toedt, Dr. Selk & Coll. He is responsible for the fields of marketing technology, consulting and data protection. In the past, Dr. Toedt was regional vice president of SANSORA INTERNATIONAL, a subsidiary company of the Schoerghuber corporate group and accompanied many hotel associations during the production of their central customer and marketing data base. He was raised in his parents’ hotel and after completing a mercantile apprenticeship he graduated as cook to be employed in the 5-stars restaurant Hotel Koenigshof in Munich. 1995 he began his course of studies of business economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. During this time he visited the Cornell University, NY and is now Vice President of the German Chapter. Besides his activities with Toedt, Dr. Selk & Coll., Dr. Michael Toedt is assistant lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences of Munich for the subject “Customer Relationship Management in Tourism” and as guest lecturer at various universities such as the University of Applied Sciences of Bad Honnef, Kempten or NDS Hôtelleriesuisse and responsible as HSMA vice president for the South-East region. He is also participant of the doctoral program of the University of Latvia and University of Applied Sciences of Kufstein and writes his dissertation about the effects of communication on sales performance within Customer Relationship Marketing in the hotel business. Dr. Michael Toedt has published also a lot of articels and whitepapers about CRM and Marketing.

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