Manuel Sanchez


Manuel Sanchez assists resort owners and operators with both strategic and tactical advice, anchored in his 25 years of executive experience in the direction and management of Spanish resorts.

Manuel's areas of expertise include all the different phases of development of a resort: conception, master-planning, preopening, opening, operational development, and maturity. He is able to provide advice at any point in this cycle. His experience and speciality assists clients considering whether they should promote or position a resorts, differentiating the offer from competitor resorts. He advises on which facilities should be included and will advise clients on whether a hotel is a necessary part of the resort infrastructure. He will advise on whether a brand should be licensed as well as whether a Condo hotel or Time Share can add value into the real estate structure and if so how. He can analyse the strengths that are key to a client's resort. His range of advice extends to the current or future property owners including identifying schemes for owners that can be an advantageous to sell their real estate. His advice extends to assisting drive profitability as well as staffing of a resort. He can develop a master plan as well as review an existing master plan.

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